Medal of Excellence Painter, Today’s Arts Talent 2016 (Editions of museums and the Culture EDMC)

Trophy of Riviera Contemporary Art 2016, Abstract Art

Trophy of Art and Style 2016, Fundamental Research


Solo exhibition at l’Ame Enchantee, from 15 of August to 11 of October, VEZELAY (France)

Exhibition Riviera Exhibition’s Pole & Art's Research Center and

Preservation of Heritage from 9 of July to 15 of September at Carrousel TOULON


Exhibition Artshopping Carrousel du Louvre from 27 to 29 of May PARIS (France)

Permanent Artist at Colette DUBOIS Gallery, 420 Rue Saint Honoré 75008 PARIS (France)



Exhibition Auditorium RAINIER III, from 8 to 20 of November (MONACO)

Solo Exhibition NAKAMAL 21, from the 21 of February to 20 of March NOUMEA (Nouvelle Caledonia) OCEANIA



Solo Exhibition BEDDARIDE CLUB from the 3rd to the 31 of October


Exhibition SAMARITAINE from the 1st to the 29 of September MARSEILLE


Private Exhibition Rose and Nicolas KERVYN de MEERENDRE from the 16 to the 24 of May WATERLOO (Belgium)

Solo Exhibition Arte Bello Gallery from the 15 of March to the 11 of April NOUMEA (Nouvelle Caledonia) OCEANIA



Solo Exhibition Château HAGEN from 2 of July to 2 of September NOUMEA (Nouvelle Caledonia) OCEANIE

Private Exhibition Johanna Levy from 5 to 8 of July SYDNEY (Australia) OCEANIA

Solo Exhibition Château HAGEN from 17 of June to 2 of July NOUMEA (Nouvelle Caledonia) OCEANIA

Private Exhibition Eugenie Simone DROUARD Space with Michel BENEBIG Organist (Hammond) & Carl LOCKETT Guitarist from 31 of May to 7 of June NOUMEA (Nouvelle Caledonia) OCEANIA

Solo Exhibition DZ Gallery from 22 of April to 6 of May NOUMEA (Nouvelle Caledonia) OCEANIA



Solo Exhibition GAVART Gallery from 2 of July to 3 of September PARIS (France)

Permanent Artist GAVART Gallery PARIS (France)

Solo Exhibition Garden’s Hotel from 25 of May to 2 of June PARIS (France)

Exhibition Dakar Women’s Group DAKAR (Senegal) AFRICA



Exhibition EVERARTS Gallery from 24 of October to 24 of January 2012 (Paris)

Exhibition SOKHAMON from 1rst to 29 of April DAKAR (Senegal) AFRICA FLORENCE BIENNALE from 3 to 11 of December FLORENTIA (Italia)



BIENNALE DAK’ART OFF from 7 of May to 7 of June DAKAR (Senegal) AFRICA

Exhibition Dakar Women’s Group DAKAR (Senegal) AFRICA

Private Exhibition Palmyra Villa from 7 of May to 10 of June DAKAR (Senegal) AFRICA



Solo Exhibition ANGELI’s Collection PARIS 16ème  (France)



Europ’ART FAIR from 2 to 6 of May GENEVA (Switzerland)



Exhibition MILLIONIARES FAIR from 27 to 30 of October MOSCOW (Russia)

Private Exhibition Vieil-Azy Castle From 6 to 18 of July SAINT BENIN D’AZY (France)



Exhibition ARTZooM Longwy October (France)



Solo Exhibition Vieil-Azy Castel from 3 to 31 of August SAINT BENIN D’AZY (France)

Private Exhibition Marquis di Rietti from 9 to 13 of March VENETIA (Italia)



Exhibition Banhofstrasse Art In The Street February ZURICH (Switzerland)

Solo Exhibition Marquis di Rietti from 18 to 21 of January PADOVA (Italia)



Private Exhibition Benoit D’Azy Castel from 1 to 16 of August SAINT BENIN D’AZY (France)

Solo Exhibition Christophe PAUPER Gallery from 15 to 29 of June (France)



Private Exhibition Edgard Raynaud from 14 to 30 of April AIX EN PROVENCE (France)



Private Exhibition Marquis di Rietti from 1rst to 30 of June PADOVA (Italia)

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