Misanthrope in the face of the world

Some may mistakenly think that my purpose is not fundamental. And for those people, I do not give a damn.

I do not want violent painting neither in its form nor content. I want neither to shock, provoke, influence nor dominate. I do not want to hurt, take aback, excite, rush, or even offend.  I also do not wish to entertain. No, stop to the antipodes of violence, silliness or of modes.

I leave to others to testify about our contemporary world, with all its contradictions, ploys, its stuff and its politoco-social-ethical-economico pathological claims. I do not photograph the excesses and horrors of our society.

And I do not like hysterical discourses like: "But if we do not talk about problems, what shall we talk about? ", which tend to despise and consider as null and void all  what is not part of  the " problem. "  The label of naivety, infantilism, angelism, of a magical and wonderful world, where every action and thought would be deemed innocent and naive stupidity, does not suit me either.

Modern man revels in violence. He is constantly haunted by a flood of catastrophisms. An absurd hyper-solicitation which exposes cursed players in humanly tragic situations. Disasters, nameless plagues, are our portion. Exaggerating calamities is our addiction.

Our life time would therefore be caught up in a  steady pace of actions of conservation, defence, protection, safety, to the point of making us forget that by taking the time to sit and think for a moment, we might be able to conceive another way of being Oneself  and living together.

Each and everyone is responsible for what they reveal. The purpose of the focus is too often quickly erected as a model. The arts have always been the precursor of social change, and only seeing the horrible mistakes and perversions of our humanity, seems to me a simplistic view of the scope of our possibilities.

So what is being proposed to us as a model for building a human being, and humanity?

Art offers us the opportunity to sublimate our human nature and our society. We can give it (our humanity), an equal place in our education. Yet, we often forget that culture is the guarantor of morals and ethics, and should have increasingly balanced our teachings.

 For my part, I prefer a different approach and a different way of being approached, soft, sweet, and sensual. I love harmony;  of colours, sounds, lights, thoughts, flows, manners, feelings, rhythms and actions. I am searching for Excellence, which is measured in education. And I'm not talking here about school or family education, but of education one seeks for oneself and for one's environment.

I cannot conceive the idea that delegated or institutionalized power is faithful, just and fair. Everyone can exercise this power, in harmony with what he can understand of his world. That is why I am convinced that Excellence can only be directed to oneself. And only then, perhaps, can it be felt in the environment. Excellence is what is felt in harmony with oneself. Excellence does not tolerate compromise. We do not negotiate with Excellence. It is a direction, a path, an evolution, an intimate and fundamental revolution.

My painting offers a forum-outlet to our Excellence. It intends to be a window, door, sky, mirror of our emotional and spiritual humanity. It is a force of opposition to paradoxical ideologies (diktats of societies). I present you a path, a space for silence which offers a "be yourself" and "being with others” atmosphere.

Images and words are the property of  © Cyre de Toggenburg