Currently in the world of Art, only 5 painters, dealing specifically with this process of Abstraction have been identified: Vasudéo S. GAITONDE, ZAO WU KI, Gerhard RICHTER, Mark ROTHKO and Cyre de TOGGENBURG.

The difficulty in choosing this type of painting lies in the fact that the painter must have technical expertise as well as intellectual and mental flexibility. This painting would require almost magical powers together with great self-control.  It outlines an absolute investigative path.

This type of painting is part of the history of art, on the heels of all artistic movements which tended to be searching for freedom. This search for the purest abstraction, that is, beyond what can be conceived and designed intellectually, explores the art of spiritual convocation.

It results in painting beyond shapes, lines, geometry, composition, representations, and concepts. This freedom, consecration of spirituality is a door opened to this other dimension of ourselves, which finds its place in our personal universe.

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